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Hou - Engineer & Tech Educator

Engagement Approach

Each engagement would typically involve the following steps:

  1. Intro call
  2. Project estimation and proposal
  3. Contracts finalization and execution
  4. Review and handover

Intro call

A one-hour video call, which is free of charge, will be scheduled with you and/or a member of your team to understand your business context and needs, and your technology challenges, so we can best help you develop the solution you have in mind.

Prior to the meeting, clients are encouraged to prepare a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for me to sign so we can discuss your product freely without being concerned about confidentiality.

Project estimation and proposal

Now that we understand the business context and challenges, and if there's a mutual desire to move forward with the engagement, we will create a Statement of Work (SOW) for all parties to sign. The SOW will detail the roles and responsibilities for both parties during the course of the work, including a schedule of deliverables, project scope and milestones, backlog, sprints, client and developer expectations, time and budget estimation, communication and change of scope protocols.

Contract finalization and execution

Once we agree on the scope of work, we will sign and execute all the necessary paperwork before the engagement starts. We can always adjust the initial plan as needed to suit your development needs.

Review and Handover

Once the engagement ends, we will review the project outcomes and provide final recommendations for next steps. I will generally be available for ad-hoc support for the next six months after the engagement ends (a separate contract may be needed to cover this additional work).