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Learn Modern JavaScript - Strings

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By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • use new ES6 string methods
  • apply the template literal syntax


ES6 strings offers new string methods, template literals, and tagged template literals.

New String Methods

ES6 offers a few new string methods:

  • .repeat(number): repeats a given string a specified number of time.
  • .startsWith(searchString, position): returns true if a string starts with searchString. The position parameter specifies the start position of the search, with the default value being 0.
  • .endsWith(searchString, length): returns true if a string ends with searchString. The length parameter specifies the length of the string to search.
  • .includes(searchString, position): returns true if a given string can be found in another string.

Template Literals

Template literals allow you to embed expressions in your strings using backticks (`) and ${express}`. It can help simplify the syntax string concatenation and creating multiline strings. For example:

1const greeting = "Good morning";
2const weather = "sunny";
4// ES5
5const sentence =
6 greeting + ", how are you doing?" + " The weather is " + weather + " today.";
8// ES6
9const sentenceES6 = `${greeting}, how are you doing? The weather is ${weather} today.`;
11const multiLineString = `
13my friend,
14how are you, doing?
18/* Outputs
20my friend,
21how are you, doing?

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