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Code with Hou


Hou in Kauai

I've been developing software professionally since 2015. I have expertise in full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript development, AWS cloud development, and Web3.

I'm an AWS-certified Professional Solutions Architect.

I'm currently doing consulting work in software development and developing courseware for coding bootcamps, while exploring Web3.

As a professional tech educator, I'm passionate about talent-building for the modern digital economy.

Since 2017, I've trained hundreds of developers through programming workshops conducted for companies like Intuit, American Express, and Northern Trust; coding boot camps like PluralSight, General Assembly, and Product School; and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Hire me to teach a live workshop (online or onsite) in web development.

About this website...

I strive to write clear, concise and insanely practical tutorials. I teach useful techniques that you can apply right away in your next project. I explain every technical jargon you need to know.

If you’re new to programming, you’d find beginner-level guides and blog posts about my coding experiences. Hopefully, you’d find them helpful in your own coding journey.

If you’re an intermediate/experienced developer, you'd find content to help you stay up-to-date on or even gain exposure to new web technologies (e.g., Web3), or take your skills and productivity to the next level.

If there’s a topic you’d like me to cover, I invite you to reach out.

How I got started...

Nope, I don’t have a fancy computer science degree. In college, I shied away from computer science courses because I thought I wasn't cut out for it.

In fact, I graduated with a degree in religion (if that makes any English or History majors out there reading this feel any better 😂).

Then in my mid-20s, I felt like my technical writing career was going nowhere. Living in San Francisco at that time, I was constantly exposed to buzzwords like “JavaScript” and “programming”.

So I started dabbling in code in my free time.

I quickly fell in love with it. For months, all my free time outside of work was spent tinkering with code. Eventually, I decided to quit my job to attend a coding bootcamp. The rest is history.

It’s been a hell of a ride! Fast forward a few years: I’ve had the privilege of writing code for startups in Silicon Valley and New York and training other developers at big companies and coding bootcamps.

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